Campsite Kapinovski Monastery urges all visitors to familiarize themselves and adhere to our established rules

To ensure the comfort and enjoyable time in the campsite for all our guests we have created rules based on basic principles including respect for other visitors, wisdom, security and care for the natural environment around. The hours between 22:00 and 09:00 are strictly set for rest and any kind of noise should be kept to a minimum. Our criteria for determining the noise level at any time are simple: if your neighbor by tent or caravan hears what you are listening to or doing, then the noise is too high.

Our campsite has been created and will keep on developing as a place for relaxation, connection with the nature, creation of social contacts between people with similar interests and above all as a place for pleasant camping experiences. We encourage all campers to have fun, but adhere to our rules, respecting the others and in harmony with the environment.

The team at Campsite Kapinovski Monastery will not tolerate or admit individuals or groups coming with musical equipments such as speakers, amplifiers, etc. planning party nights or having any intentions that disturb or create discomfort to others. There is a night guard on site in the hours outside reception working times (0930-1900), who is going to monitor the calmness and application of elementary rules to provide a wonderful and positive camping moments for everyone. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for all of your efforts directed towards creating a wonderful place for camping experiences.