Tent zones

Campsite Kapinovski Monastery offers to its visitors two spacious and specially tailored for tent tourism camping zones with total capacity of up to 100-120 tents. Nature's gifts in our campsite provide you the luxury of choosing where to position your tent according to your preferences. Regardless of whether you want to be close to the Veselina river flow in the arms of the small shady pine forest there or on the spacious grassy area delicately touched by the sunshine rays, you will enjoy freedom, cosiness and bliss. Both tent zones are neighbouring and close to the epicentre of the vibrant life and emotions in the campsite, but meanwhile far enough to provide you with serenity and privacy.

Тhe tent camping zones are equipped with several water fountains and power supply boards (up to 1.50kW). In close proximity to the tent pitches our guests will find sanitary premises, tourist kitchen, refrigerators and laundry room made available for them. Groups of 5+ tents/10+ people are only allowed after prior arrangement and at the descretion of the camping manager. For individual visits, we don't have practice of pre-booking and reservation is not required. Please note that Campsite Kapinovski does not have a policy to reserve and guarantee your placement on a specific camping pitch. At the time of your arrival, you will have the freedom to select a camping pitch according to your preferences and the availability on the day. We believe it is your right to spend your holiday on a tent pitch, which you find convenient and according to your preferences.  

The camping reception is open between 09:30-19:00, every day within the camping season. For arrivals outside of these hours, please do contact us in advance.

In order to provide a wonderful camping adventure synchronized with the surrounding nature for all visitors, we ask our guests to get acqainted and comply with the established general rules of our camping. Campsite Kapinovski Monastery does not accept or tolerate noisy parties.

For further information, please refer to our section FAQs.

Your entry and stay in Campsite Kapinovski Monastery means automatic agreement with the established rules.




                                 The camping zone offers:

  • Тwo separate and spacious tent camping zones
  • Abbundance of trees providing partial or full shade
  • Access to fresh water and power supply boards
  • Modern and well maintained sanitary facilities
  • Communal tourist kitchen and washing machine
  • Common refrigerators within the camping zone
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Parking space for one vehicle
  • Camping with your pet
  • Large playground

                                                       It is not allowed:

  • Organising of noisy parties
  • It is prohibited the use of music systems (any kind) and pyrotechnics
  • To set bonfires outside the designated for the purpose fire pits
  • To occupy a camping zone beyond what is indicated for the purpose of your stay
  • Parking of more than one vehicle next to each tent
  • Removing of cutleries and kitchen utensils out of the tourist kitchen
  • Placing of awnings and tables outside the immediate area of your tent
  • Taking kitchen utensils out of the tourist kitchen
  • To damage or to cut off trees on the territory of the camping
  • Ignorance of the established general rules