Parking facilities in the campsite


Within the area of the campsite, just opposite of the swimming pool and the reception building there are more than 50 designated parking spots, where you can leave your vehicle while enjoying your stay with us. Parking is free of charge for all visitors of Campsite Kapinovski. In case the capacity is filled, there is plenty of space aside on the main road, where to park your vehicle.

  • Parking of any type of vehicle within the camping zones is strictly prohibited unless you have paid the relevant camping fee
  • We ask you not to block any entry/exit points around the camspite and to avoid parking on the grass area around the reception and the sport fields. 
  • The speed limit at the campsite is 20 km/h. 
  • In the area of the camping is forbidden the use of horn and creating a noise of any type by motor vehicles. 
  • Driving around the campsite is not allowed except upon arrival and departure.