Terms and conditions


1. Paid overnight rates include:

    • Tourist tax
    • VAT
    • Parking for one vehicle
    • Electrical supply up to 16A /for guests of the camping zones - please bring your own cable with appropriate length/
    • Water supply /visitors of our camper & caravan zone is necessary to bring their own hose for connection to a build module with a tap/
    • Use of the bathrooms /showers,WC/ , WIFI and access to common tourist kitchen for all guests of our camping zones
    • Garbage collection

2. Upon confirmation of your reservation by the campsite, each visitor is obliged to familiarize with the internal regulations of the establishment, set out in full on our website (www.kapinovski.bg) and also displayed in prominent place at our camping reception.
3. Upon arrival, each guest is required to present an identity document (passport or driver's license) and to complete a registration card. Guests are required to inform the reception upon their arrival and departure.
4. Groups of more than 10 people are allowed at the discretion of the camping manager and in accordance with the occupancy of the camping zone. In case of group visits, a mandatory reservation and advance payment (if required) is needed. Campsite Kapinovski reserves its right not to accept groups who wish to use the camping zones without а valid reservation. We are strictly not going to admit or tolerate groups or individuals that come to the camping bringing the attitude or the intention to cause noise disturbance, to organize loud parties or to violate the created rules in any other way.
5. For valid reservation is considered one made via the request form of our web site, by phone, by e-mail or directly at the reception. The reservation is completed only, when the booker has agreed to the general conditions and reservation terms of the camping and the booking request has been confirmed by a representative of Campsite Kapinovski.
6. All accomodation/camping fees are payable prior to check-in and in full, according to the pricelist of Campsite Kapinovski. Payments can be made in cash or with a bank card at the front desk, or prepaid to the bank account of the company.
7. Organizing a picnic is possible in one of our two tent zones. The paid fee includes a stay up to 19:00h, after which an overnight charge will be applied according to the rates for stay in the tent zone.
8. The opening hours of the campsite reception are from 09:30h to 19:00h every day, within the camping season. Please contact us in advance if you plan to arrive or depart outside of these hours.
9. The official check-in time for the rental accommodation is 14:00h on the day of the reservation. The check out time from our accommodation units (caravan, forest house, room, etc.) is until 12:00 o’clock at noon, on the day of departure.
10. For guests with their own tents, motorhomes or caravans the check-in is from 09:30h to 19:00h. For arrival outside this period a preliminary arrangement is necessary to be made. The time of check-out from the camping zones is until 14:00h. Late check-out is possible only after approval in advance from the reception and depending on availability. For extended stay after the established departure time 50% charge, equivalent of the nightly rate might be charged. When prolonging your stay after 17:00h overnight fee will apply for all guests.
11. If the parcel is not released after the set departure date and check-out time and we establish inability to contact the registered person in the campsite, the management has the right to forcibly remove the caravan/camper/tent from the campsite. In such case, Campsite Kapinovski is not responsible for any damages caused by that action.
12. The campsite offers its visitors wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi), but due to factors beyond our direct control, we are unable to guarantee the maintenance of a certain speed and access to Internet 24 hours a day or during your visit.
13. Campsite Kapinovski Monastery does not offer to its camping guests designated shelter areas in the event of rain, snow, strong sun or other meteorological conditions. Guests can bring their own awning, sheds and other such temporary structures, which can be installed within their designated camping terrain. Guests are advised to bring with them appropriate for the season and weather equipment.
14. Our campsite offers connection to electrical plugs and water outlets in the camping zones. Due to circumstances beyond our control the electricity and the water can be temporarily or permanently stopped in an event of breakdown of EVN or the water supply company. The campsite is not responsible and will not refund any amount for prepaid nights, when power or water failure occurs.
15. We encourage our guests not to leave unattended any personal belongings during their stay with us. Campsite Kapinovski Monastery is a secured area, but we will not be liable in a scenario of forgotten or stolen items, not handed over for storage or left unattended.
16. Under certain circumstances the campsite may also offer additional services (outside of those listed on our website) requested in advance by our guests. These are paid extra and are subject on agreement.
17. All minors (under 18 years) on the territory of the campsite must be accompanied by a parent or adult as the campsite is located near water and has numerous outlets for electricity on its premises. Campsite Kapinovski is NOT responsible for the actions, life and health of any guests. Each parent/guardian is FULLY responsible for their children.
18. Campsite Kapinovski reserves the right at any time to change the prices of the services offered and the conditions for their use. Prices and terms will be updated on the website within seven days of their change.


We believe that any camping experience must be in harmony with the environment and should be enjoyable for all of our visitors. To ensure the comfort and the pleasant stay in the camp for all, we have created a few simple rules that are based on basic principles including respect to others, common sense, security and care for the natural environment:

1. The generated noise must be within the quiet level at any time of the day in view of the fact that the campsite is located in a holiday complex. The hours from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 22:00 to 08:00 are designated for rest - all sort of noise must be minimized. Our criteria for determining the level of noise is that if your neighbour hears what you're listening to, or doing, then the noise is too high and consecutively unacceptable. The guests of the campsite in breach of this rule will be warned in a friendly manner, and in a scenario of repeated note the same may be asked to leave the confines of the campsite without refund of money paid for the night.
2. It is not allowed to bring with you and use music systems, speakers and others, as well as pyrotechnics of any variety. Visitors who attempt to do otherwise won't be granted access to the campsite.
3. It is strictly forbidden the use of drugs, alcohol abuse and carrying out other activities prohibited by law. The manager of the campsite, at its discretion, may ask any person/s violating this rule to leave the campsite and to notify the relative law enforcement.
4. It is forbidden to damage or to cut the trees on the territory of the campsite for whatever purpose.
5. Domestic pets are allowed on the campsite territory after the owner presents a certificate of vaccination and state of health. All dogs must be walked on a leash and the owner is obliged to monitor their activities in order to ensure the tranquillity of the other guest and also to collect their droppings. It is forbidden to visit or to remain at the public areas of the camp (restaurants, pool, toilet, bathroom, etc.) or accommodation units such as caravans for hire, forest houses, rooms and similar with pets. Ignorance of this rule may result in termination of your reservation.
6. When you use our electrical supply system, please make sure that your outlet, cord, electrical wiring and appliances are in order. It is forbidden the inclusion to our network of faulty or malfunctioning appliances. Interference to the electrical supplies’ fuses is strictly prohibited. The power supply is not suitable for appliances with a heating element such as electric hobs,grills, hairdryers, etc. Owners of caravans/mobile homes or tents are obliged to have the power supply disconnected during their absence, otherwise they shall be liable for any fire or damages that may result from this cause.
7. It is forbidden to occupy a camping zone different from what is indicated by our team. Setting up and staying in your own tent is only permitted in the two tent camping zones - no exceptions.
8. The parking of private vehicles in the designated camping areas is allowed only if the relevant camping fee has been paid. We ask our camping guests to park all motor vehicles next to their tents/caravans, in the parking lot of the complex or at the side of the road, without hinder movement in the complex. The speed limit at the campsite is 20 km/h. Also in the area of the complex is strictly forbidden the use of horn and creating a noise of any type by motor vehicles. Driving around the campsite is not allowed except upon arrival and departure.
9. All guests must be registered at the reception prior to using the facilities. It is forbidden to stay on the premises of the campsite without valid registration at the reception. Joining of additional guests and outside visitors is only allowed after permission from the reception desk and presentation of an identity document and registration of the people. Their stay after 19:00h is allowed only after payment of an overnight fee. Responsibility for a detected violation will carry the person registered in the lot where the violation was found.
10. It is forbidden to set bonfire outside the specifically designated fire pits. Charcoal or gas barbecues are permitted only if all necessary precautions are taken.
11. Each guest is obliged to collect household waste left after him/her, please help us to keep the place clean! Do not throw cigarette butts and other waste articles on lawns and in the area of the campsite. Everywhere around the campsite waste bins are placed - please use it!
12. In scenario of organized events, where the introduction of additional materials, structures and facilities are needed, guests are required to guarantee the safety of their use, as well as at the check-out to clean up after themselves throughout the day of their departure.
13. It is forbidden to wash cars, caravans or motorhomes on the campsite vicinity, as well as releasing of dirty waters from caravans/campers.
14. Upon leaving the camping, all damages and/or missing items are to be paid by the guests at prices according to the price list of the campsite and the labour needed for repairing them. The same applies to damage to the common areas of the campsite, including kitchen, baths, toilets, sinks, water and electricity outlets, etc.
15. When the guests see any damage or irregularities on the territory of the campsite they have to notify the campsite manager in person, in writing or via email at office@kapinovski.bg. For any other type of complaints guests have the opportunity to register them in the book of complaints at the campsite on the date of the complaint, but not later than three days after the last day of their stay at the campsite. Complaints if needed will be addressed in writing to the address indicated by the guest or by email within seven days.


By choosing to book a room, caravan for hire or any of our forest houses, you agree with the following in addition to the aforementioned:


Arrival: After 14:00h
Departure: Until 12:00h

  • Services, such as early check-in (before 14:00h) and late check-out (after 12:00h), are provided to guests according to the occupancy of the accommodation units for the particular day and are paid according to the established rates. Please contact the reception for further information.
  • The camping reception works from 09:30h to 19:00h. For check-in after 19:00h, please contact us in advance.
  • Upon arrival, each guest is required to present an identity document (ID card, passport or driver's license) and to complete a registration card. Guests are required to inform the reception upon their arrival and departure. For guests will be considered only people registered in compliance with the campsite reception according to the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria for registration of people in place of accommodation for short-term rest. All other people will be considered offenders of the internal rules.
  • The total amount of the stay is payable at the time of arrival and in full.
  • Upon leaving the rental accommodation, all damages and/or missing items, not mentioned (which were not reported in a timely manner) when accommodating the guests, are paid by them at prices according to the price list of the campsite and the labor needed for repairing them. Guests are also required to pay for a damaged or lost key/keyholder during their stay.


Campsite Kapinovski Monastery may require advance payment via bank transfer, equivalent of a minimum one night  in order to guarantee your reservation. In cases of cancellation we are going to apply the set rules stated in our terms of reservation.


  • Our accommodation units do not offer the option of placing an extra bed and the designated capacity for each cannot be exceeded.


  • All expenses for additional services will not be calculated automatically in the final price and if any, these have to be paid separately to the relevant department during your stay.


  • Pets are not allowed in any of our rental accommodation units. Smoking inside the rented unit is prohibited.
    Any violation of these terms will result in a charge of an additional cleaning fee of minimum 50 BGN.


  • Changing of bed linen and towels is done every 4 days unless otherwise requested. During the stay, guests take care of cleaning the accommodation they have rented. Each forest house is equipped with a broom, shovel, cleaning mop and bucket or these can be provided upon request.


Payments can be made in cash or with a bank card at the front desk, or prepaid to the bank account of the company, according to the tariffs in Lev (BGN).


If further information is needed please contact our camping reception on mobile: 00359 884 48 54 54 or email us at: camping@kapinovski.bg


The entry and the stay in the campsite automatically and unconditionally mean consent with the terms of these rules.