Art therapy

Creativity is wonderful! It also heals. Therapy through creativity, or as it's more modernly called art therapy, is recognized both as a tool and as an independent method for treatment and self-improvement. It helps with depression, stress, anxiety, apathy, fear, irritability, aggression, etc.
We live in a very restrictive time, where healthy spontaneity isn't possible.

A person says to himself: "I'm not a creator", "I can not". But it's necessary to simply put yourself in the hands of art and follow your instinct. It's necessary to take the material to paint and create what the soul wants and feels at that moment, without setting a specific goal. The soul will speak, not with words, but with images and colors that heal.

The brain is the greatest pharmacy and makes more medicines than science has ever discovered. A persons inner, self-healing resources are closely linked to their creative abilities.

Imagination is the most important source of healing energy, and art itself is originally a communication goal, a means of communication, and a kind of emotional language.

Margaret Naumburg, one of the most famous personalities in the world of art therapy, who's considered its founder, believes that through artistic activities a person overcomes doubts about his abilities, can freely represent his fears and that the representation of the inner world helps him to cope with problems. In addition to the possibility of understanding oneself, art therapy has the power to harmonize, develop self-confidence and sharpen one's perception.

Often a person burdened by the problems of life doesn't even perceive the perfect forms of natural phenomena. On the other hand, modern art with all its peculiarities is a result of imagination and the human ability to create forms that don't exist in reality.

We're waiting for you in nature at the Kapinovski Monastery campsite to create together with you!